Review: RAIN (Adoyo) — ADA

A narrative song to be savored – history as it should be.

Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2020

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Glancing through the first couple dozen pages of RAIN I was instantly intrigued by the through-a-glass-darkly flavor of the tale, savoring the flow of Adoyo’s prose. As I took time to dwell with the book I devoured it, gulping it as I discovered your ability to sate a complex hunger for a tradition of telling I had never imagined. I was enchanted and deeply moved by the author’s verbal grace and descriptive-evocative condensation of intense joy and sorrow through many voices, awed by the web of breathtakingly intertwined lives she cast, delighted by the way music saturates the book in myriad ways, intellectually compelled by the truer-than-fact microhistories Adoyo raises to displace the glorified heroic men who chose to commit evil.

I want to read RAIN again, more slowly and carefully this time and letting it soak in, so I can better absorb the subtlety through which Adoyo leads the reader from dreamwalker haze to increasing understanding of the various intertwined protagonists and of the deep truths of their interactions that would simplistically be called “magical” from a European post-enlightenment perspective.

Highly recommended.