Review: RAIN (Adoyo) — KSM

A Sumptuous Wonder.

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

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Settle yourself onto the magic carpet that is RAIN and swoop your way through the wonderous tale of Dream Walker/clairvoyant Maya and generations of her family. Maya is gifted with the ability to move through space and time, bearing witness to nearly a thousand years of African history. Beautiful, brutal, dignified history.

I found myself laughing, crying, recoiling from and loving what I was hearing. Yes, I said hearing because although I was reading words, they are so well woven I could hear the voices telling me the stories. So hang on because nothing about this book is predictable. Nothing is linear. This book may challenge you. It will entertain. It might confuse but will also inspire. A gorgeously written work by a brilliant young woman who I believe just invented a whole new genre. It needs to be made into a movie.

With love and respect to CA Adoyo, who can also be credited with one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen on a book.

Highly recommended.