The Story

The first volume in the Dream Walker Canticle series, Rain is the story of the Dream Walker Maya, one of history’s empathic clairvoyants who experiences the story of humanity through the eyes of other Dreamers, unlimited by time or distance.

Born of the Great Lake Nam Lolwe in the heart of Africa into a modern world that has no place for her kind, Maya finds herself adrift in Time without the guidance she needs to understand the purpose of her extraordinary abilities.

Under the guidance of ancestral Spirits, Maya strives to find her bearings as she is swept up in the thousand-year saga of the devastatingly insidious legacies of colonizing empires that continue to ravage her home. Braving uncharted waters, Maya discovers illuminating truths concealed behind the veil of History’s public myths.

Her quest unites her across the centuries with ancestral Dream Walkers who will teach her to understand the power of her gifts, and Maya learns to fulfill her destiny as a visionary steward of both the Past and the Future in an ever-changing world.