What Readers of Rain are saying…

Readers of Rain are making their voices heard!

Rain’s meditation on life —fleeting, yet eternal— is beautiful in the fullest sense of the word. Its poetic sense of connectivity, in content & in rhythm, feels like the flow of memories in moments past, present & future.” — J. Fowler

“Reading Rain, I have to wonder: are we as Africans just really resilient, or do we simply not understand the disruption and brutality of the colonizers? Every student in school needs to read this book.” — T. Kibor

Rain is addictive! A  pure delight to the senses… Listening to Canto 32, I felt like the dust in my soul was being washed away… like my spirit was washed being cleansed by the poetry of Rain!” — M.M. Green

“…written in prose, yet it sounds like Rumi!” —Anonymous

“…a story of immense beauty & astonishing resilience” — TK

“Mesmerizing! Rain will take you places!”

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